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Can L-1 Visa Employees Work Part-Time In The US?

The L-1 visa can support part-time work as well as intermittent employment, through which the employee may be in the U.S. to work for only part of the year.

Can Spouses Or Children Of L-Visa Holders Be Employed In The United States?

Spouses can obtain an EAD (Employment Authorization Document) work card. Children cannot obtain a work card through the L-1 process. Any child under 21 can accompany an L-1 parent to the U.S.

Can I Work For a Company Other Than the One That Sponsored the L-1 Visa?

The L-1 visa is company specific and the transferee’s work authorization is limited to working only for the sponsoring employer. The L-1 blanket process may provide a limited amount of flexibility as transfer between entities listed on the approved blanket petition is normally permitted. An amended petition or even a petition for a completely different category of visa may be required to support a move to work for an unrelated U.S. employer not previously specified in the underlying L-1 petition documents.

How Can An Attorney Assist Me In Applying For An L-1 Visa? Why Do I Need An Attorney?

As with tax law, U.S. immigration law may be more complicated than it should be. Common sense does not often apply. Persons should also keep in mind that any interaction with the government creates a record. This may be considered the equivalent of an “immigration credit record.”

Under the current U.S. immigration law, adjudicating officers may apply extremely harsh penalties to mistakes. Once such a mistake is on the record, it may be very difficult or even impossible to correct. An experienced and knowledgeable immigration attorney can assist the client in protecting the record and in securing the appropriate visa as permitted by law and which may be an essential part of achieving key objectives for the employer.

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