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How Long Does It Take To Get An Immigration Issue Resolved?

Case processing times can and do change radically within short periods of time, and the steps for each visa process may differ. There are processes that can be completed in less than hour, but most can take weeks or even years to complete. An important part of our job is to work with the client to set expectations to educate them about the process we are pursuing. It is important for them to know the mile markers along the way in order to have some sense about what is normal or not normal. Relative to the process, it may be unusually long for one kind of process to take more than a few weeks, but normal for another type of case to pend for years.

What Are The Immigration Rules With Respect To The Family Of The Petitioner?

Most temporary visa categories provide for derivative status for a spouse and any children under age 21. In terms of sponsoring a person for lawful permanent residence, a person who him or herself is a permanent resident can sponsor a spouse or any children under 21 or any unmarried children over 21 for permanent residence. If someone is a US citizen, the citizen can sponsor children, a spouse, or parents. The wait time is longer for married or unmarried children over age 21.

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