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What Are The First Steps To Start The Immigration Process?

An important first step is to speak with an immigration attorney. Like tax, immigration law is an area of law that can be very confusing and common sense reasoning may not apply to many of the processes. If a person is not able to access attorney assistance, it may also be possible to obtain helpful information from the USCIS website. It is not perfect, but can be a helpful starting point for some persons. The website also provides all of the required application and petition forms.

In terms of applying those forms to a specific case and knowing what category to use, the USCIS website may be a helpful starting point but it is not necessarily going to give all of the information needed to successfully complete a process. USCIS is a law enforcement agency. The government is not going to tell you, “If you check this box, we’re going to deny your case.” Of course, any information given to the government needs to be honest, accurate, truthful and correct, but it is true that sometimes people do not fully understand the technical subtleties of the law and it is very easy to get confused and to check a wrong box or maybe apply for something that perhaps with some guidance, the person would have understood was not the correct category to pursue. Also, every piece of information submitted to the government creates a record. It can be very difficult, or sometimes impossible, to correct mistakes and problems that a person may have created in his own record by not properly preparing a case filing.

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