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What Are The Challenges Faced In The Immigration Process?

If a person is working with a good immigration attorney, that attorney should prepare them for the road ahead and keep them informed along the way. It is important to keep in mind that the adjudicating officer does not have any duty to advocate on the client’s behalf or to point out where a weak part of the case could have been better supported. It is the officer’s job to adjudicate the case presented. The government does not have the resources to provide a full review of each person’s immigration options. The complexities of the immigration processes combined with the lengthy processing times for many categories serve to highlight the importance of having a properly prepared filing in order to minimize any unnecessary delay and to provide the case with its best possible chance of approval.

Can Someone Realistically Navigate Through An Immigration Case Without Experienced Legal Counsel?

Every interaction with the government creates a record. In many ways the immigration processes are analogous to a job interview. If a candidate goes to a job interview and is not prepared, the interviewer will not have a favorable impression and may “close out” a file and move on to consider the next candidate. A job applicant normally cannot talk his or her way into a second interview, yet alone a third, or forth, etc. The interviewer will say “we talked to you, we made our decision, move on.” A lot of immigration processes are the same way, for better or worse. If an applicant makes mistakes that leads to a denial, it may be difficult, or sometimes impossible, to have a second chance to correct the process.

The application of the immigration law to the facts of a specific case is prescription medicine – what is right for one person may not be right for another. Sometimes changing just one fact will completely change the options that a person does or does not have. A client may think their case is just like their friend or relative’s case, but they may have a unique factor that may help or hurt the process that they are hoping to pursue and a different process may be required. For these reasons, it is important to have well trained legal counsel to help with any immigration process.

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